January 20, 2019
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WhatsApp Released Group Voice & Video Calling Feature For iOS And Android Users

By The Mobile 360 on July 31, 2018
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Facebook owned WhatsApp has started rolling out group calls for voice and video feature starting from today July 31st, 2018 for all users around the world. the feature was first introduced at the Facebook F8 event held in May were the company said we’re excited to share that group calling will be coming in the months ahead. Stickers are also coming to WhatsApp soon.

Over the last couple years, people have enjoyed making voice and video calls on WhatsApp. In fact, our users spend over 2 billion minutes on calls per day. We’re excited to announce that group calls for voice and video are coming to WhatsApp starting today.

Here’s how you can use WhatsApp group audio, video calls

  • Start a one-to-one voice or video call with your friend.
  • Tap on ‘Add participant’ button available on top right corner and add participants.
  • Add another participant to the group call, you can simply search or select your contacts.
  • You can make a group call with up to four person.

Do remember when you receive a WhatsApp group voice or video call, the incoming voice or video calling screen will show all the participants, with the first contact listed among them will always be the participant who added you. there are some things which might not work such as you can’t toggle a voice call to video call. there’s also an option to turn off your camera completely, during a video call. it is useful at times, when you need some final touches before going live. there’s no way you can remove a participant from WhatsApp Group voice or video call, the only way its possible is to ask participant to disconnect the call. Group calls appears under the Calls tab, and you can check the participants details by a simple long press on the call log. you can’t add participant to Group calls who has blocked you or that you’ve blocked. but, other participants can still add the block person.

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WhatsApp Group calls are always end-to-end encrypted, and has designed to work reliably around the world in different network conditions. The feature is currently rolling out on the iPhone and Android versions, and there are no reports about its availability on Windows Phone. you can download WhatsApp Messenger from the links given below for your respective platform.

Google Play| App Store | Windows Store

Source | WhatsApp

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