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[VIDEO] : Oneplus 3 Fingerprint sensor faster than Iphone 6s

By on June 22, 2016 0 223 Views

Few days back we reported you about the launch of Oneplus 3 with 6GB RAM, 64GB Internal Storage for RS 27,999 .

Recently, the smart phone was put against Apple’s iPhone 6s by British YouTuber Safwan Ahmedmia who posted a video of fingerprint sensor competition between iPhone 6s and Oneplus 3. The video shows that Safwan, tested both the smart phones by switching the animations off and also by keeping the display turned on.

You can watch the video here :

The test results were obviously in favour of Oneplus 3 as it beated the iPhone 6s in both the cases. The test was conducted for 4 times and in all the cases Oneplus 3 shows it has a better sensor than iPhone 6s But on the other hand Apple reportedly slowed down its sensor because Users were not able to see the notifications on the lock screen. So this might be the plus point for Apple Iphone 6s.

Oneplus 3 will be available for Rs. 27,999 and will be sold exclusively on Amazon India.

Source: GADGET 360

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