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THE MAKING OF WINDOWS PHONE :- birth of windows phone 7

By on March 13, 2016 0 182 Views

Back in February 2010 Microsoft was struggling in between the dominance of IOS and gradual rise of Android market, MS had no proper OS to make there breakthrough in the smart phone OS platform. How this Software giant can notch it’s own mark at the world’s most fastest growing technology sector (back in then and the time till now) ?

The reason I used the words “ no proper OS “ is c’z at that time MS had 2 OS’s with no chance of their future rise,
1st > Windows Mobile > running at 0 updates since long , with hard to cope up UI.
2nd > Kin > joke by MS hence discontinued.
In the dominance of Computer OS market, MS wanted to win this smart phone OS race too..

Then things changed. MWC 2010 Barcelona witnessed the birth of windows phone by Microsoft.
WINDOWS PHONE 7 > a new OS was born different from all the others in race, with a new starkly polarizing layout of 4X2 brightly colored live tiles showing a window to another world. some called it confusing, some called it awesome and some fell in love with tiles (like me).

Live tiles were different, something never seen before showing live generated apps info/feedbacks at the home screen and also enabling the users to jump directly into the apps most important to them, but this had some drawbacks it was a little confusing for people and live tiles were not for all the apps it was made available to only native apps making the 3rd party apps handicapped in that area of home screen.

EDITOR PICKS  Microsoft working on Bringing native panorama experience built-in with the windows camera app soon.

Apart from live tiles there was something more interesting and eye catching is the integration of HUBS there were few hubs showcased at that time ..

1st > People hub > it was merely not just a contact and mail holding section but it provided an all new socially integrated feature, as u sign in with ur Google mail , fb account the hub gathers all the contact info’s of ur friends and family from these accounts and updates ur existing contact list. Apart from this people hub showcased post’s from social media , messaging history and others . The people hub had three screens > the first one showing all ur contacts the second one WHAT’S NEW showing news and posts from social media accounts and the last one showing last viewed contacts. PEOPLE HUB was and is the most loved and fantastic feature of windows phone.

2nd > Zune hub > the most live live tile of windows phone , consisting of music , radio , video and podcast having live tile with animated logo and similar animated visual of last played artist. It had a same typical hub design with 4-5 screens , but later it was pulled out with windows phone updates due to a love / hate relationship with users.

3rd > Office hub > the most advertised hub by windows phone even now, focused on business class users consisting Sharepoint , one note , MS office, excel and powerpoint well it was of no use back in then as its now. The office app lacked font and ink support, password protection was missing and no copy paste function . Whereas the powerpoint app lacked the ability to create .ppt .pptx formats. One note was basically just an editor lacking pen and ink support and ability to just add pictures , audio
and saving it on One drive cloud so that u can access it anywhere.

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4th > Xbox hub > managed all ur games and x bow live avatars , but the problem here was the lack of games , there were very less games available on WP made the xbox app little explicit . And the game problem exist till now , so in the next edition of windows phone Xbox hub will be discontinued.

5th > Photos hub > the pictures hub managed to show not just the locally stored pictures but also showed the pictures from cloud storage as well as pics saved in social networking sites. It was a lot more different than the photo hub we see now in WP8.1 it was aggregated with photo and editing app also had a section of What’s new where it showed all the images from cloud and social networking sites. The live tile was same as it’s now cycling through the images of photo gallery.
The hub was use to throw us on the browser while interacting with what’s new section of photos hub and sometimes in people hub.

With Hubs , live tiles and basic feature such as Maps (powered by bing) , calender , dialer and a well built camera MS kicked up a new start in the Smart phone OS market, Leading to WP7 powered phones by HTC , DELL , LG & SAMSUNG. The most popular amongst them was Samsung Omnia and Htc Trophy. And This was just the start, Mobile giant NOKIA hasn’t teamed up yet …

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