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The making of windows phone and the birth of Lumia smartphone.

By on March 19, 2016 0 1120 Views

When something is backed by a huge company like Microsoft, there are expectations that it would burn the market scorching it’s way to the top.
But this didn’t happened, instead of replacing the position of Android and IOS windows phone OS struggled to make a mark of it’s own , locked down platform of windows phone OS disabled the developers to make proper apps and multitasking was just a nightmare in these so called SMART PHONES
Though there was hardly something smart about it.
OS was fast and fluid though constrained, to make a mark MS needed to push updates as fast as possible , Android pushed updates IOS pushed it every year.
MS pushed it’s first update codenamed NoDo Windows phone 7 update bought Copy paste feature multitasking was improved and fixed some bugs.
There was also rumours of another updates codenamed Mango and Apollo.
Apart from the world’s biggest software company Microsoft backing up the windows phone OS platform there came the Mobile ? giant NOKIA.
Nokia world’s currently leading mobile company with it’s Symbian and MeeGo OS also worldwide known for its Diamond ? strength hardware joined hands with MS altogether showed the phone of colours naming NOKIA LUMIA powered by Windows phone ? OS ditching Symbian and MeeGo.
Mango update (Windows phone 7.5) came with 500 new features announced in summers of 2011, this update was the last and new user experience to windows phone 7.
MS enabled the support of new hardware and direct x graphics, live tiles got a new life with the ability to update dynamically.
This was just the beginning of Ripe mango flavours….

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EDITOR PICKS  Microsoft today released Build 14342.1004 for Windows Insiders in the Slow ring.