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Sailfish OS 2.0, The new fish in smart phone market

By on March 6, 2016 0 267 Views

Sailfish OS 2.0



Jolla smart phones recently released there new operating system for their smart phones and tablet naming SAILFISH OS 2.0 update to their Sailfish OS which was first introduced in public back in November 2013 Finland. Before proceeding to the introduction of Sailfish OS 2.0 and it’s upcoming smart phone. let me give u guys a short introduction to JOLLA LTD.


Jolla was born in 2011 out of the passion of it’s founders towards open innovation in the mobile space. It was formed by some of the members of MeeGo OS team of Nokia ( when Nokia ditched the MeeGo OS to continue their mobile business with windows OS starting Lumia smart phone series ).
They say there aim is to be “ open, independent, and transparent in everything they do. DIT – doing it together is in our hearts “ in November 2014 Jolla introduced their first tablet project , since now Jolla is working on improving their OS. Currently Jolla smart phones are available all over Europe, Hong Kong, India and Russia.


Sailfish OS is a gesture based operating system , offers a flowing user experience with effortless swipe gestures and simple navigation supporting the best multitasking in the market where u can see all ur background apps running on the same screen, easy to learn and once u get into it I swear u’ll never want to go back. It’s a Open source Linux based OS supporting android apps so that u won’t feel the lack of apps in ur smart phones.

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Jolla recently released an update to their OS sailfish OS 2.0 improving bugs , fixing issues and adding lots and lots of new features including simplified and beautiful UI listening to their customer feedback generated through polls and together.jolla. com.the major thing is that it now supports in smart phones and tablets both.



now u can swipe to cycle between home and events.
Anywhere access to app grid by swiping up from bottom , even while running apps.
Top menu with lock action and ambiences, which shows up when u swipe down from top.
A new tutorial app to help u to get into OS functions.
All new visual styles everywhere (home, pulley menus, volume bars)
Refreshed system app layouts.
Refreshed active app corners for gallery, jolla stores, settings, notes and camera app.


Now richer and configurable via event settings.
Grouping of events based on types while showing them in notification window.
Now u can access events directly with a left swipe.
New calenders widget synced with events.
New weather widget showing 5 days forecast info.


Now u can record video clips in H.264 formats.


Now uses chat system tones for notifications, and alert with vibration and LED flash.
Screen wakes up now with android app notification.


3 finger volume control in tablets.
English US language support.
Lohit devanagari font support.
Notes can now be shared in text files.
Media controls on lock screen for native media apps.

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Jolla has now teamed up with Indian OEM, Intex ltd. To release their first sailfish OS smart phone, and showed a glimpse of its new phone naming Intex Aqua FISH at the recently held Mobile world congress 2016 at Barcelona.

Intex aqua fish is set to have 5inch IPS LCD display , 1.3ghz processor alongside 2GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM, while the camera section has 8mp of rear camera with flash and a 2mp of front snapper, powered with 2500mAh battery running on sailfish OS 2.0 set to release in April only in India as the company has no plans to release it overseas.

So if u want to taste this new fish get ready to have this in ur Indian plate and taste it before it gets rotten.

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