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Rumoured Windows 10 mobile build 143xx will bring new features to edge and much more

By on April 10, 2016 0 181 Views

Last week Microsoft pushed Windows 10 Insider preview build 14316 for Windows10 PCs however, the same build was not published for insiders on windows10 mobile due to a cellular data bug.

Now, there are reports of newer build other than build 14316 which Microsoft is currently testing internally through our folks at Windows Maniak. They have also posted some screenshots which shows some exciting new changes like Camera button on Lock Screen and many more.

Here are the detailed Features:

  • Battery Saver has been renamed to battery (Same as Windows 10 Build 14316 for pc’s)
  • Glance Screen settings moved under Personalization
  • Microsoft Edge has “go forward” option if you have gone back by using the arrow
  • Camera shortcut on lock screen
  • Double tap to unlock option moves under Lock Screen settings
  • Active Hours are there too with new restart option

Looks like Microsoft is working hard for Windows 10 mobile builds. Lets see when this new rumored build will hit for Insiders!



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