January 18, 2019
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April 1, 2017

OnePlus​ released  OxygenOS Open Beta 13 for OnePlus 3 and 3T

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OnePlus​ released OxygenOS Open Beta 13 and 4 for OnePlus 3 and 3T respectively. the update brings the new app launcher, Redesigned App Drawer, Redesigned UI and number of new features.

Release notes and feature changes in this Open Beta build:

  • All new launcher, added support for shortcuts on 7.1.1
  • Redesigned app drawer
  • Redesigned UI for launcher settings
  • Added status bar icon option to display real time network speed
  • Added Notification Denoising
  • Added Gaming Do Not Disturb mode
  • Added automatic Night Mode
  • Added Secure Box for file encryption
  • Optimized touch latency
  • Optimized camera EIS for videos
  • Improved contacts management with linking and merge functions
  • Added quick pay option for India
  • Bug fixes and general improvements

Here is the list of basic info for a few of the features that are not self-explanatory.

  • Redesigned UI for launcher settings : We’ve simplified the Settings options and added another gesture to get to them quickly, a pinch motion from the homepage of your launcher.
  • Notification denoising : This is to allow priority levels to be assigned to peek notifications and will let you grant only the most important apps and their notifications the ability to interrupt you. This feature can be found under Settings>Device>Notifications
  • Gaming Do Not Disturb mode : This allows you to lock the capacitive and home buttons while gaming or in other apps where it’s easy to hit those buttons buttons unintentionally. This feature can be found in Settings>Advanced>Gaming Mode
  • Automatic Night mode : You are now able to set Night Mode to activate and deactivate at a certain time or according to a specific cycle of day and night. This can be found under settings>Display>Night Mode
  • Secure Box : This is for all files (including pictures and video) that should not be easily accessible to other people. It can be set up with its own pin, and once items are moved (by long pressing and selecting “set as secure” in the settings option) they can only be viewed in the secure box portion of the file manager. This can be found under Apps>File Manager>Secure Box
  • Quick Pay (India primarily) : This will allow users to set up a QR-based quick pay feature that can be quickly accessed while the screen is either on or off with a long press of the home button. This will only activate right now if one of the following apps is installed: Paytm, Wechat, or Alipay. This can be found in Settings>Security>Fingerprint>Quick Pay
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The company also stated that based on the feedback some of the new features can be changed and have also urged users to report bugs here.


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