March 10, 2019
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New upcoming Windows 10 mobile Store UI screenshots leaked!

By The Mobile 360 on May 9, 2016
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Well Microsoft is working on new changes in Store for Windows 10 mobile. Roman has revealed Leaked pictures of New upcoming Windows 10 mobile Store UI.

Here is the Tweet by Roman on New Store UI:


The latest Store shows major changes to its UI and brought various new features. Here are the new expected features:

  • UI changes are there on the Single App / game pages too
  • Ratings and Reviews have filters listed on the App / Game page itself
  • The Download & Updates page now allows opening of apps and games ages by tapping on apps and games’ names. The update / install progress bar has also changed and looks colorful.

The above changes is expected to hit in next insider builds, or it will hit as an Store update or Will be available in Windows 10 Anniversary Update for phones in summer!

We will keep updating you in future on this topic! Stay Tuned.

Source: NPU via ROMAN

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