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Microsoft working on new feature for Windows 10

By on April 12, 2016 0 198 Views

Microsoft is working on a new feature called “Picture in Picture” which will be included in Windows 10 anniversary update this summer! This new feature is similar and available on Apples IOS 9 only for Ipads!

Microsoft is already working on tons of new features and bug fixes which will be pushed in Anniversary Update for Windows 10 this summer. Microsoft is working on improvements for Continuum, Cortana, Action Center, Start Menu for the Anniversary Update.

According to Microsoft’s official Road map for Windows 10, the feature will be available for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets only. This feature seems to be of no use in Windows 10 pc’s but its very useful in Windows Tablets.

Microsoft has just stated this for now :

Monitor media content while focusing on other tasks.

The feature allows users to work with app in the background while watching the video. You can watch the below video for this feature:


Lets see will this feature will be included in Anniversary Update or it will be shelved for next operating system!

Source : MSPU

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