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Microsoft reveals about Windows INK

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Windows Ink, an all-new experience, putting the power of Windows in the tip of your pen. Windows Ink enables you to write on your device as you do on paper, creating sticky notes, drawing on a whiteboard, and easily sharing your analog thoughts in the digital world. Windows Ink is integrated into apps like Maps, Microsoft Edge, and Office.

According to Microsoft :

More than 70% of us spend more than one hour a day using a pen. We lose notes in our notebooks, take pictures of whiteboards, and can’t do equations or music composition with a keyboard.

In a world where billions of post-it notes are sold each year and more than 70% of people spend more than one hour a day using a pen, productivity can increase by incorporating writing into the computing experience. Microsoft is using Windows Ink to help people turn their thoughts into actions on their Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft on Windows INK :

Windows Ink will be available in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer and expect to see broad adoption of Windows Ink in devices this year. Working closely with our OEM partners, there is strong demand for this innovative technology already.

Windows INK will help mainly students in their study, windows ink will make easier for them to write equations and sums which cannot be done using keyboard!

Source : Microsoft

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