January 17, 2019
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LG announces Rolly Keyboard 2 In South Korea

By Ayush Prabhu on April 15, 2016
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LG is on its way to develop more features in its unique product called rolly keyboard hence it has announced rolly keyboard 2 in south korea.it has attracted most of the gadget lovers due to its compact size and portability.



This time too the keyboard is bendable and has bluetooth connectivity.the new keyboard has five rows of keys as opposed to last year’s four, as well as a new pull-tab type protuberance that allows owners to unfold it in easier fashion. finally, the new product supports three simultaneous pared devices as opposed to the two offered by the original.


Unfortunately, the LG rolly keyboard 2 will be available only in the south korean market and and we have to wait for it to be announced in other countries too. the expected price of rolly keyboard 2 is $110

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Source : LG

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