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Is Microsoft working on a new Lumia/Surface phone with Snapdragon 830 ?

By on April 16, 2016 0 204 Views

We have got a very interesting news to share with you all! Microsoft is working on a new Lumia/Surface phones with Snapdragon 830.

Snapdragon 830 is rumored to have 10 nm architecture and will support up to 8 GB of RAM and still unknown how much cores does Snapdragon 830 has?

According to NPU :

Microsoft is ready testing phone prototypes running Snapdragon 830 aimed at early 2017 and may come with Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 that is supposed to be released in Spring 2017. While this may sound far-fetched at this moment, when not even the Snapdragon 820 running Windows 10 Mobile devices are out in market, the evidence that has been shared with us is quite interesting

Currently flagship device running on Snapdragon 820 is from HP, (HP Elite X3) and Rumored Lumia 850 which runs on Snapdragon 820 (rumored). Once Windows Anniversary Update will be pushed, HP Elite X3 will hit the markets!

Once we get more updates on this topic we will let you know!

Source : NPU

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EDITOR PICKS  [Update] : Microsoft now internally testing Build 10586.492 the next cumulative update for Windows10 Mobile TH2 (THRESHOLD 2) Branch