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Huawei Announced EMUI 5.0 for Honor 8, Honor 6X, Honor 5C, and Huawei P9 Smartphones in India

By The Mobile 360 on May 6, 2017
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Huawei yesterday announced that the company will start rolling out EMUI 5.0 – the latest version of the company custom Android ROM based on Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Honor 8, Honor 6X, Honor 5C, and Huawei P9 smartphones in India by this month. the EMUI 5.0 brings One-button navigation, calendar schedule management, search & share and detailed optimization along with a new enjoyable user experience. the company also stated that the Honor 8 Lite smartphone which is scheduled to launch next week will be the first smartphone in the region with EMUI 5.0 running out-of-the-box.

A Huawei R&D spokesperson stated that “We often hear users complaining about the lag and boring experience that is experienced in Android devices post prologue usage. The new EMUI 5.0, is more efficient, secure, and user friendly. It “significantly cuts down on the number of steps needed to achieve the desired functions. The user can now reach 90% of the core functions in just two to three clicks. Additionally, users can jump between their professional and personal lives effortlessly with profiles now being able to run in parallel – no switching of phones necessary.”



The EMUI 5.0 is inspired by Aegean Sea, an extended embayment of the Mediterranean Sea which is surrounded by the great early civilizations of Greece and Turkey’s famous white-washed houses of the islands.
Here are some of the highlight features of EMUI 5 :
— Simplified UI : Clean and simplified user interface, smart design provides a fantastic user experience.

— Smart Touch : Combining looks and functions, a redesigned fingerprint sensor replaces virtual navigation buttons for a versatile and simplified navigation experience.

— Global Search : Global search, search the apps in a search bar, you will reach the apps directly.Whether you’re looking for a song, video, or article online or an email, message, or reminder on your phone, simply swipe down on the screen and find it with ease.

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— Huawei Share : Share files with nearby Huawei phones and tablets without the need to pair. Faster and easier than sharing via Bluetooth.

— Smart Calendar : View all of your schedules in the calendar, combining resources from SMS, emails, and Notes. They can also be shared through email and SMS.

— Huawei Ultra Memory : with Machine learning and Huawei Ultra Memory technology EMUI 5 actively rearranges memory space to reduce fragmentation, and compress memory to save space for more important apps according to your usage patterns. With an improved faster kernel, Ultra Memory instantly recycles memory from unused apps.

— Huawei Ultra Response : Smart algorithms predict the trajectory of your finger gestures for an increased response speed during scrolling. Accelerated multi-threaded rendering prevents lag due to long image rendering times. Whether you’re checking SMS messages or emails, browsing social media, or reading the news, each scrolling action will be met with the perfect response.

— Faster Network Access, Steadier Data Transmission : With EMUI 5.1, your phone analyses network environments in real time and applies a network search algorithm to rapidly select the optimal network. Data transmission rates are automatically regulated to increase communication capabilities in weak signal environments. Whether you’re outside, on a high-speed train, or in an elevator, the best call and data services will be right at your fingertips.

— Easily share your memories : Highlights generates videos of your best moments by intelligently scanning your gallery and selecting the best photos and videos. It even adds music and sound effects to match the video, ensuring that every frame is worth remembering. If you want to get creative, advanced edits enable you to add captions, filters, and background music and preview the video while making it.

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— App Twin : The App Twin feature allows users to log-in and use two different accounts at the same time on the same phone.

The EMUI 5.0 update also supports 14 Indian languages which includes – Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Assamese, Nepali, Malayalam, Oriya, Urdu, and Maithili.

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