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How to Set up and operate retail mode on Windows Phone

By PRANAV CHAUDHARI on February 28, 2017
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The retail or demo mode is a feature found in smartphones. A demo mode is usually programmed into the floor model’s firmware, which may be accessed by the pressing of a combination of keys and/or the launch of a program. Demo mode is usually activated by retail stores on their consumer electronics floor models. The demo mode may also be pre-enabled on the floor model. The purpose of a demo mode is threefold:

• It demonstrates the features of the unit in question
• It catches the eye of the consumer with a flashy show of lights, entertaining sound, or both.
• To reset or prevent malicious changes to the floor model.

Here’s how you can set up and operate retail mode on Windows Phone

Activate retail mode

Before you can use retail mode, you must first activate retail mode. To activate retail mode, you must go through the initial phone setup and provide a specific login ID. Use the following process to activate retail mode on any retail phone.

•  Remove the phone from the box and press the power button to power up the phone. On the Welcome to your Windows Phone page, tap the Getting Started title 5 times.

•  On the confirmation pop-up, confirm that you wish to enter the retail mode.

•  On the Connect to Wi-Fi screen, select and connect to the network that you want to use, and enter your credentials if required.

Note : Many mobile operators prevent apps that are larger than 20 MB from being downloaded over their cellular networks; the apps can only be downloaded over Wi-Fi. If the only available Internet connection is over cellular, apps that are larger than 20 MB will not be downloaded during the update process. For this reason, a high-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection is recommended.

•  On the Wi-Fi Sense screen, select the checked features (if any) that you want to use.

•  On the Choose Phone Settings screen, select Recommended.

•  On the Time and region screen, set the country/region so that demo content will be downloaded in the target market language.

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•  If the date and time are shown, ensure that the values are correct. The current date is used when the demo content is updated so it appears that communications (such as text messages and emails) occurred over the past few days. The time is used to determine when to update the phone. The phone cannot be used when it’s updating. Nightly updates start between 11 P.M. and 4 A.M. If the time is set incorrectly, an update might occur during regular business hours, and customers would not be able to explore the demo phone.

To continue, tap Next.

•  On the Demo mode screen, select whether you want to automatically set up an account (recommended), log in to an existing account, or manually create one.

•  Next, the Apps screen will be displayed and demo content is downloaded and installed. After this is complete, you can tap Next.

•  The phone will now display All done and the phone will restart. After the phone restarts, the Start screen will be displayed.

Provision demo content

After you activate retail mode, you must first provision demo content before you can use retail mode. To provision demo content, follow these steps:

•  On the Start screen, swipe left to reveal the apps list.

•  Scroll down the apps list and tap Settings.

•  On the Settings screen, scroll down the list, and tap About.

•  On the About screen, scroll to the bottom of the list and tap Update demo phone.
→   The initial update can take between 30 to 90 minutes depending on the amount of demo content, number, and size of third-party applications, and on the speed of your Internet connection. The update cannot be interrupted and the phone cannot be used while the phone is updating.
→   Ensure the phone is plugged into an AC power source and do not press the power button. The screen should be left on; if you accidentally press the power button and turn off the screen, simply press the button again to turn on the screen. While updating, the Back, Start, and Search buttons are disabled.

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•  When the confirmation dialog appears, tap Yes. After the update completes successfully, the phone automatically restarts and is fully populated with the demo content and apps.

Automatic overnight provisioning

Each night between 11 P.M. and 4 A.M., phones running in retail mode are automatically updated with the latest demo content and applications. Additions made to the demo content by customers during the day are removed, and deletions are restored. On nights when updated demo content or apps are downloaded, the update takes longer—the exact amount of time depends on the number and size of the updates and the speed of the Internet connection. The phone cannot be used during this process. On nights when there are no updates, this process takes only a few minutes.

In some retail stores, demo phones are left on overnight. In these stores, ensure that the Internet connection is available between the hours of 11 P.M. and 4 A.M. so the demo phones can connect to the Internet and get the latest demo content and apps.

In some retail stores, demo phones are turned off when the stores close and are turned back on in the morning when the stores open. When demo phones are turned back on, they check to see if they successfully completed an update the night before. If they did not, the demo phones present a dialog informing the retail sales people they are about to initiate an update.

If a retail sales person taps continue, the update begins. If the retail sales person does nothing, after 2 minutes the dialog automatically disappears and the update begins.

If the retail sales person taps snooze, the dialog is dismissed and reappears 15 minutes later.

Reset a retail mode phone

A phone in retail mode can be made sellable by resetting it. Resetting a demo phone deactivates retail mode, erases demo content, uninstalls apps, and restores factory settings. To reset a phone that is in retail mode, follow these steps:

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•  Open Settings > About and scroll to the bottom of the screen, then tap Update demo phone.

•  Next, tilt the phone in the following directions:
→   Tilt the phone to the left. Give the phone a second or two to redraw in landscape.
→   Tilt the phone upright. Give the phone a second or two to redraw in portrait.
→   Tilt the phone to the right. Give the phone a second or two to redraw in landscape.
→   Tilt the phone upright.

Notice the text in the dialog changes from confirming an update to confirming a reset. Resetting a demo phone removes all of the demo content and apps and restores factory settings. To continue, tap Yes.

•  Next, you’ll see the goodbye screen. The phone should restart and display rotating gears as it removes the demo content and apps. After the phone restarts, it returns to the setup Welcome screen. At this point reset is complete, and the phone is no longer in retail mode.

Editors Note : This post isn’t edited by Mobile Studio Staff and is auto-generated from Microsoft feeds

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