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How to download a Youtube Video using VLC Media Player

By PRANAV CHAUDHARI on November 13, 2016
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Hello Friends, today we will learn how to download a youtube video using VLC player. The steps are simple and easy to understand, just follow it and get started!

So to download youtube video:

STEP 1 : Copy the Youtube video url of your choice.

STEP 2 : Go to VLC > Menu Bar> Media > Open Network Stream

STEP 3: Go to Network option and paste the video url and click on “Play”

Suddenly the video will start playing.

STEP 4 : Go to Menu Bar > Tools > Codec Information

STEP 5: Go to Codec option, you will see Location url below, copy that url and paste it on address bar of your browser.

Now again the video starts playing now right click on the video and choose “save video as” and save your video.

This is how you can download a youtube video using VLC.

For detailed Steps watch the youtube video below 🙂


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EDITOR PICKS  myTube updated for windows devices with bug fixes and various improvements.
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