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Hike messenger beta updated with New Chat Themes and more.

By Ayush Prabhu on January 28, 2016
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Hike messenger which is often regarded as the WhatsApp of India. Sometime ago the developers started looking for beta testers and today the team released an another update for their hike beta testers. The latest update for hike beta brings the app version to and bring some cool features such MP3 sharing, New Chat Themes and more.

Here is the full change log:

  • New chat theme: We have added a new chat theme specially for Valentine’s day. Set the perfect chat theme while chatting with your valentine.
  • MP3 Sharing: MP3 sharing is now available on hike.
  • Invite via other apps: Why should only you enjoy the awesome hike experience. Now invite your friends from other social platforms to hike with just a click.
  • 1000 GC: Make your groups even bigger. Hike is now supporting up to 1000 member groups.
  • Bug fixes.


Editors Note : The developers has pushed the update in store but our windows store isn’t reflecting the changes but hopefully it will do that after sometime. The current update is also available only for new beta users and those who’re using Windows10 Mobile if you’re not able to download this app, kindly wait for the market release.

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