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Have a look at animation of working of cancelled Nokia “Moonraker”

By The Mobile 360 on June 21, 2016
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We have got a animation of Nokia’s smart watch which was under developments but got cancelled. The project was named as “Codename Moonraker”. The project was cancelled during Nokia’s sale of handset division to Microsoft.

One of our friend Core on Twitter posted an gif animation:

In the video you can see that the smart watch has swipe based UI.  Top and bottom of watch enables users to check notifications and apps. A dedicated button to switch between home and standby screen. The smart watch lacks with fitness hardware, which is the main reason people are attracted towards smart watches. As this is a cancelled model, Microsoft has already launched Band which work well with Windows phones.

If it was launched it would have its own Market place and number of wallpapers.

Source: Core


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