March 14, 2019
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Hack: This is how you can power off charge your Windows 10 mobile!

By Prashant Sharma on May 3, 2016
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As you already know that Windows phone switches on automatically when you charge your phone. This sometimes creates problem for users for those who dont want to receive calls and reply text messages and still the official windows 10 builds for mobile and insider builds has not yet released this improvement.

We have got an awesome tool which will keep your phone switched off even if you are charging it. This app is available for Windows 8.1 devices which can be used for Windows 10 mobiles.

WPTweaker” is an open source project; download solution from the GitHub. Source code isn’t elegant or well commented but at least you may use it without any license restrictions.

Application currently is under intensive development, so don’t expect bugless work from developer in few future updates!

This app is not available in Stores so download this app from here and then you can side load your app.

Source: XDA 

This app should work on the interop unlocked Lumias and Samsung handsets only. We recommend you not to use this app, as this app is full of bugs and you need to interop your lumia which can damage your device.

PLEASE NOTE: You are downloading and using this app at your own risk; I (GIZMO NATION) and the developer is not responsible for any damages caused by usage of the WPTweaker!

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