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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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GPU Turbo, Here’s Everything You Should Know About Huawei Graphics Processing Acceleration Technology

By The Mobile 360 on June 6, 2018
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GPU Turbo is a coordinated graphics processing acceleration technology that breaks the boundaries between software and hardware. At the bottom of the system, the traditional graphics processing framework is reconstructed to achieve software and hardware coordination which makes the overall efficiency of GPU graphics operations greatly improved, while the image quality and performance are improved, the energy consumption is reduced, and the performance and energy consumption are broken. This technology can first greatly enhance the user experience in heavy game scenarios.

Specifically, it has four features: high performance, more power saving, high image quality and cooler play. It improves graphics processing efficiency by 60-percent, high-end mobile phones can be more durable, stable and full-frame running large games, mid-range mobile phones can completely surpass competing products, while SoC energy consumption is reduced by 30%. The game lasts longer and the game is smoother.

GPU Turbo technology achieves higher picture quality while achieving the highest quality of the game. Even if the game does not support HDR, a similar HDR image quality is achieved with GPU Turbo. In addition, it can also customize a variety of picture effects, such as nostalgic mode, sharpening mode, cartoon mode and so on. This technology is widely used in all kinds of games and scenarios without relying on upper-layer game applications and game engines through a common technical framework, without the need for customization by vendors such as games. The future can be applied to the optimization of visual effects of the entire scene, such as multimedia, AR, VR, and so on.

As per a report shared by the company, since the release of GPU Turbo technology on June 6th 2018, Honor smartphones is on a winning streak. On June 7th, Honor won the Jingdong 618 sales champion, Android mobile phone sales champion, Honor play, Honor 9 youth version of the single product sales champion runner-up, the new Honor 9i occupied the fifth in the sales list.

On June 11th, the first sales of Honor Play shattered all the records, set by previous generations of Honor smartphones. mainly because of GPU Turbo technology. Honor Play is the world’s first smartphone to equipped with such technology, Other Honor products such as Honor V10 and Honor 9i / Honor 9N (International variant) will support GPU Turbo through OTA upgrade in the future.

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