March 10, 2019
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How To Get Reliance Jio Prime Membership For Free.

By PRANAV CHAUDHARI on March 23, 2017
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As everyone knows that Reliance Jio’s  ‘Happy New Year’ plan ends on March 31. So, no more unlimited data from April onwards. For resumption of this plan, Jio introduced a new Jio Prime membership. This membership will cost you Rs. 99 for one year. Rs. 303 monthly for using unlimited data ( 1GB per day). However, if recharged through Jio Money Wallet, Jio’s Prime Membership for free.

Financial Express pointed the working method which allows people to  attain up to Rs. 100 recharge if a Person recharges through the Jio money wallet. To get free subscription charges wiped off,

  1.  Download the Jio Money Wallet app and Register on it.
  2.  Create a four – digit m-pin for Safety.
  3.  Once registration process is over, recharge Rs. 99 for the Jio Prime Membership.
  4.  As soon as you register, you will be awarded a Rs. 50 cashback as per the Introductory Offer.
  5.  Further Jio is also offering more  Rs. 50 for recharges above Rs. 303

Hence, All in you will receive Rs. 100 cashback, Which is the Jio Prime Membership rate.

31st of March will be the last date for getting Jio Prime Subscription, Later on, you might have to pay more for the exact same plan. Using the promo code JioPrime you will get Rs. 10 cashback on joining Jio Prime Plan. Additional benefits are also included for recharging through app.

Note- Mobile Studio is not responsible for any Discrepancy about the plan or either of the method.

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