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Cool features of the OnePlus 5 – Hacks & Tips

By The Mobile 360 on November 10, 2017
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The OnePlus 5 comes with some very interesting features that allows you to personalise your phone, enable gestures the way you’d like and customise every picture you take. Make the the most of your phone with these 10 hacks.

How busy do you want your phone to be?

The three point alert slider on the left side of the OnePlus5 allows you to control the number of notifications you receive. If you do not want to receive any notifications slide to the top, keep it to the middle if you want to receive notifications from just a few apps and if you want to receive all notifications slide it to the bottom.

Customize the Do Not Disturb option by going to settings > alert slider > Do not Disturb and allow select contacts to call you even on DND mode.

More power to gestures

Here is a device that you can practically control with your gestures. You can start the camera by double tapping the power button on the right. In most probability your device would have come with this feature enabled but if it is not go to Settings > Buttons and enable “Press Power button twice for camera”

You can also enable “quick capture” to allow the camera to take a picture by double tapping on the power button. For this open the camera app > open the sidebar menu > click on settings and enable quick capture.
You can also make your phone wake up by lifting it. Go to Display settings and enable “Lift up display”. Note, that this only works if “Ambient Display” is enabled as well.
You can also enable flip to mute, wake on double tap, pause music with two fingered screen swipe and take screenshots by swiping down using three fingers. Head to Settings > Gesture and enable the ones you want.

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Sign off all your pictures with your name

Yes! That’s correct. You can have your name as a watermark on all the pictures you take with your One Plus 5. Go to Camera > Side bar menu> settings > Shot on OnePlus watermark. This enables the watermark such that all pictures will have “Shot on OnePlus” written on it. To customize, add your name in the field available. What this does is extend the watermark to say “Shot on OnePlus by <Your Name>”

Get comfortable with a book

The reading mode on the One Plus 5 is a blessing for readers. It alters the colour temperature of the screen to allow comfortable reading. It’s an offset of the night mode feature but you can specify the apps where you want reading mode to kick in. To enable this Go to Settings > Display and select Reading mode. You can enable it for all apps or you can select the apps you want this mode to work on.

Status Bar Customization

Perfect for minimalists. Those that like their screen clear of any unwanted icons. One Plus 5 comes with Oxygen OS that allows you to only display the icons that you want. Go to Settings > Status Bar > Icon Manager. Disable the icons that you want to keep away from your home screen.

Use the Shelf

The One Plus 5 comes with a Shelf feature that allows you to organize all your apps in one place. Swipe right from your home screen for the Shelf and add all your important or most used widgets here. Tap on the ‘+’ icon on the bottom right to add new widgets to the shelf. To rearrange the order press and hold until it pops and then drag it to place in the order you want. To remove a widget, tap an hold and then tap on the cross icon.

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If you don’t like the Shelf, there is a way to remove it entirely too. Go to Home Screen > tap and hold the wallpaper > Settings > Disable Shelf.

Change the shape of your icons

Why should your home screen look the same as someone else’s? Have fun with the layout of your home screen by changing the shape of the icons. Press and hold the wallpaper on your home screen > tap settings >click on Icon pack and then choose from three options OnePlus, Round and Square.

One button, many actions

Oxygen OS allows you to assign more functions to the capacitive buttons. While the default function for each capacitive button is set, you can assign two more functions to each on long-press or quick double-tap. The functions could be turning off the home screen, calling Shelf, opening the camera etc. The list of functions can be seen in Settings > Buttons

Take long screenshots

We spoke about using gestures for screenshots, but this one is a winner too. The One Plus 5 allows you to take screenshots that can capture the entire length of the webpage instead of sending it in pieces. Start with the usual way of taking a screenshot by holding the power and volume down key simultaneously. When the preview appears tap on the icon at the bottom and the page starts scrolling down while the phone automatically captures the whole page.

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Go ahead, surprise yourself

Open the preinstalled calculator and type in “1+=”. See what it did there?

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