January 19, 2019
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Cool features of the OnePlus 5 – Hacks & Tips

by by Nov 10, 2017 0

The OnePlus 5 comes with some very interesting features that allows you to personalise your phone, enable gestures the way you’d like and customise every picture you take. Make the the most of your phone with these 10 hacks.

How busy do you want your phone to be?

The three point…

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Hack WhatsApp And Other Android Apps

by by Jun 13, 2016 0

Hey Felas, Here i’m back with another cool hack stuff from my big bag. today I’m going to show you a cool exclusive based on How To Hack WhatsApp Messenger And Other Android based Apps. Sounds Cool? Yeah? Let’s start from scratch.

Here’s What You Required Before Proceeding

  • Victim’s smartphone (Android or…

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Hack: Want Redstone Emojis in Threshold builds?

by by May 7, 2016 0

The Redstone builds for phones and pc’s brought many new features including The New Emojis. The new emojis by Microsoft is attractive and better than before. Many users want this new emojis to their phone. But sadly these emojis are only available in Redstone builds for phones and pc’s. Still the Threshold build have…

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Hack: This is how you can power off charge your Windows 10 mobile!

by by May 3, 2016 0

As you already know that Windows phone switches on automatically when you charge your phone. This sometimes creates problem for users for those who dont want to receive calls and reply text messages and still the official windows 10 builds for mobile and insider builds has not yet released this improvement.

We have got an…

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Want To Hack someones Webcam, Here’s How You Can.

by by May 1, 2016 0 In Hacks

Hey Folks,

Its me HakX and iam here with my new post with a webcam hack, I mean that through this hack we can hack any webcam of laptop or desktop, Though hacking webcams aren’t good because your peeping into some ones privacy but its only for educational purpose guys.

Now, lets get started with it,…

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New Hacked APK of Mini Militia v.2.2.19

by by Apr 6, 2016 0

Hi friends here is the new hacked or modded APK of mini militia,Download it from the google drive link below and enjoy!!!.







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Clash of Clans Hacked v7.200.19[v 0.4] APK..!!!

by by Mar 16, 2016 0 In Hacks

Hey Felas,

Here is the new clash of clans hacked apk means which brings everything unlimited for you. The hacked versions run on a different server named Flamewall. I’m sure you guys will definitely love it.




links below,Download and…

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How to Trace Location of any android phone..!!

by by Feb 6, 2016 0 In Hacks

Its My own new way to trace a android users exact location….it may be ur friends or anyone else…!!

So lets Start This amazing hack…

Requirements:phishing,active internet on victims cell.


step 1:make a gmail phishing page…if u dont know how to make a phishing page visit here.

step 2:send…

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Facebook phishing through wapka.com..!!!

by by Feb 2, 2016 0 In Hacks

Hi Friends,Phishing has been messy due to strict server hosting..,but at wapka.com you can make your phishing page without getting your page blocked…!!

So lets Get Started……(!!Its only for Educational pourpose do not use it for cheating others,I will not be responsible if anything happens to you through it..!!)

Steps to perform phishing via wapka:

Step 1: Register…

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