January 19, 2019
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ABOUT US “The Mobile 360”

By on June 25, 2016 0 126 Views

We started two years back as Gizmo Nation (now referred as The Mobile 360) with the aim to provide tech related stuff to our tiny Facebook community. Thanks to all your love and appreciation we realized that it was more than what we were expecting.
Some of our team members started to dream BIG and tinkering the thought of reaching a broader audience, after a series of mind boggling discussions we realized that to appeal to a larger audience, of we have to change our brand name which clearly dictates WHAT WE ARE, WHAT WE DO. thus, in the process we created The Mobile 360, a name which clearly dictates our entire portfolio that we cover every news related to mobiles.

Now, after much of struggle and the ever-growing competition, The Mobile 360 is a well-read website portal that is visited by many subscribers and readers from all over the world. In fact, according to statistical data provided by the “UC News We-media” platform our website is always ranked in the top 10 list among contributors in the Technology category, of course, we are aiming for the #1 spot.

What makes The Mobile 360 different.

Well…, we try to cover all the major new releases in mobile devices. Keep you up to date when it comes to Apps or events that you as the reader would be interested in. we even have a Guest Writers account, where you, as a user, can write your very own article. Isn’t that something wonderful. you can read more about it here.

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We love your feedback, without it, we would still be playing in the minor league (just saying).
BTW.., you need to be trusted for giving feedback because we don’t want spammers or bots. Thanks for understanding.

In short.., What once started out as a hobby is now grown into a full-sized well-read website. Honestly, we never realized that we will reach so far, This was only possible because of the love and support from you.
We hope that in the future The Mobile 360 will grow even more with your help.

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