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June 11, 2018

Nokia’s Moonraker, The Smartwatch which never saw the Day Light

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Back in 2015, Nokia was reportedly working on a smartwatch which was codenamed internally as ‘Moonraker’ and was expected to launch along with Nokia Lumia 930, the first offering from the company to run on Windows Phone 8.1 out-of-the box. unfortunately, the device never saw the light of day and was later cancelled because of Microsoft.

The reason i guess many of you are aware but for those who don’t Microsoft Acquired Nokia’s phone business division for a whooping $7.2 billions. yes, you heard it right. the acquisition was brain child of ex-Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer who wanted the Redmond Giant to enter in the Mobile Business and compete with rivals such as Apple and Google.

At that time, Microsoft had its own smartwatch and fitness brand named as Microsoft Band and launching another product such as Nokia Moonraker would have collided with its own brand. hence, the Redmond giant decided to scrapped the project and focus on its own smartwatch brand.

Coming back to the Nokia Moonraker, the smartwatch sported a square and blocky design and featured Microsoft Metro UI which was available in Windows Phone. it featured a step tracker and was capable of providing notifications from popular apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp, along with messages, emails and phone calls.

Source – UCNews

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