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How to Trace Location of any android phone..!!

By Ayush Prabhu on February 6, 2016
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Its My own new way to trace a android users exact location….it may be ur friends or anyone else…!!

So lets Start This amazing hack…

Requirements:phishing,active internet on victims cell.


step 1:make a gmail phishing page…if u dont know how to make a phishing page visit here.

step 2:send the created phishing link to will get his/her

gmail password in the email you used to create the phishing link if the victim login into the phishing page.

step 3:Now you have his password and the hard part is done…!!

step 4:Now go here..its said as android device manager.and login victims gmail account.

step 5:After login u can trace his location if his location is turned on or if he accept the location request when you click on locate button in android device manager..


step 6:Now u can locate,erase and lock the victims phone…!!!

thank you for reading …..friends..enjoy 🙂

Note: It’s only for education purpose don’t
use it to fraud. Admin is not responsible for whatever you will do from


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